About us…

We have a number of talented teachers and pottery classes are run for all skill levels ranging from complete beginners to those who just want to practise their skills. 

We use stoneware clay and there are facilities for both throwing and hand building.  

There are six wheels for those wanting to have a go at throwing.

(The photo shows Ben at work on his latest commission)

One of Ben’s beautifully thrown bowls.

Ben mixes his own glazes and is always experimenting with different combinations.

(Ben is one of the teachers at the pottery)

We also have plenty of tools for hand building including numerous moulds, an extruder and a slab roller.

Melanie with her amazing slab built bowl.
The greenware bowl was painted with a coloured slip before using coloured clay to make the raindrops. It was then bisque fired.
A clear glaze and glass shards were added before the final firing to achieve this beautiful finish.
(Melanie only recently returned to pottery after a very long break).

If you fancy having a go at this addictive craft why not get in touch?

See our contact details page for more information.