About us…

We are a local community group of volunteers, run by a small committee, who have set up a workshop in Chelston, Torquay. The workshop has a good selection of tools and equipment, and we can undertake small projects involving wood and metal.

The Shed is a member of the UK Men’s Sheds Association(UKMSA), but it welcomes both men and women over the age of 18. We began converting the garage space in May 2017, and volunteers have helped to develop and equip the workshop. We can accommodate up to 12 people working in one session – which is our maximum capacity.

We are non-profit making and we plan to be self-funding. We raise money to cover our running costs from:

  • Making products for sale at local market, charity shops etc;
  • Assisting other community groups with practical projects, – but we charge for materials and labour;
  • Carrying out repairs to furniture, upholstery, toys, gardening tools and other equipment in return for donations;
  • Repairing and refurbishing donated tools and equipment, and selling items that are surplus to our needs.

Whilst we have been developing and repairing the workshop building, we have made many applications to local and national sponsors. This sponsorship has been very much appreciated, and is acknowledged under Our Sponsors.

Our current membership is a mix of skilled former tradesmen (carpenters, builders, metal workers), enthusiastic amateurs and willing helpers keen to pick up some new skills.

Whether you visit us to work on your own project, or you want to become involved in producing items for sale to benefit The Shed, you will be welcomed. If you only want to work on personal projects or are attending The Shed to be shown specific skills (basic carpentry or wood turning for example) – a negotiable donation of from £3-£10 per morning session, will be expected. There is currently no subscription charge.

The Pottery part of Chelston Workshops is operated by the building’s owner. If you are interested in attending pottery classes or using the pottery facilities, you will need to contact the owner, via the website link on the Contact us page.

For more details see the documents below:

Shed Welcome Document
Shed Constitution Document